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What is ”NH drain"?

Drain refers to drainage material.

The "NH drain" we handle is a lightweight drainage material and drainage pipe (drain) that realizes high-speed drainage specialized for construction on artificial turf fields.

The quality of drainage on the artificial turf field is not related to the artificial turf quality, but depends on the drainage system of the invisible part (under the artificial turf).
NH drains are suitable for all artificial turf manufacturers and improve the drainage of the field.

By burying it under or at the edge of the ground, it improves the drainage of the field and realizes strong drainage of artificial turf.
If it rains a little, you can continue to use the field.
Even if it rains at about 30mm / hour, you can use the field immediately after the rain.


Effect when using NH drain
NHd-02.jpg NHd-01.jpg
After rain: Artifitial Turf Field with NH drain After rain: Artifitial Turf Field without NH drain
This video introduces the drainage effect and product description compared to the conventional method.
NHドレーン_NETIS NHドレーン_エコマーク

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Drainage performance

<Customer Concern 1>
After heavy rain, the drainage is poor and it takes time for the game to be resumed.
- Answer -
If the rainfall(precipitation) is about 10 mm / hour, the artificial turf field with NH drain can be used continuously.
Also it can be used in a short time even after extremely heavy rain.


<Customer Concern 2>
The filling material of the artificial turf flows out, causing clogging, and maintenance such as cleaning is costly and time-consuming.
- Answer -
NH-114F used for the edge of the artificial turf plays a role of preventing the outflow of the parting material / filler (rubber chips, sand, etc.) between the artificial turf and the asphalt pavement.
In addition, the exposed part is made of colored rubber chips, so it is safe enough to have elasticity and anti-slip properties.


軽量 Made mainly from waste PET(polyethylene terephthalate) and waste rubber chips, it is extremely lightweight compared to secondary concrete products.
Work safety and construction efficiency are improved.

Pressure resistance

ローラ転圧の様子 It has excellent pressure resistance and can be directly rolled by road rollers even if it is laid on the same surface as the roadbed(base course).
* Design CBR: 8 (average of CBR%)

Economic efficiency

Compared to the conventional method of drain(culvert), it has excellent water collection ability and can widen the installation interval.
Therefore, the total quantity of drain(culvert) is smaller and the total cost can be kept low.

Heat resistance

The melting temperature of the recycled PET contained in the product is approximately 250 ° C.
Thermal deformation does not occur even during asphalt construction.


This product is an Eco Mark product that uses recycled PET flakes and rubber chips. (Certification date: November 22, 2019 in Japan)
* Regarding the elution amount and content of harmful substances in products, see the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law Enforcement Regulations 2002, Ministry of the Environment Ordinance No. 29, Appendix 3 and 4.
Conforms to all listed standards for specified hazardous substances.
Environmental Standards Concerning Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Soil Contamination by Dioxins December 27, 1999, Environmental Agency Notification No. 68
Meet the criteria for soil listed in the attached table.

Mechanism of high-speed drainage for Artificial Turf ground

Construction method of NH drain


The rain that falls on the ground soaks into the artificial turf pavement, flows over the crushed stone, and collects water in the NH drain.

Conventional method


Since the crushed stone roadbed that has been shrunk and hardened is difficult to permeate, water will stay on the roadbed during heavy rain and will overflow at the edges.

Product lineup


Standard product

●Soccer field ●Baseball field

Construction procedure


Examples of work

●Soccer field ●Athletic track field
●Baseball field ●Tennis court

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